Interested in A Puppy?
Thank you for your interest in the Portuguese Water Dog.  I hope
you will find the information useful.  Please e-mail or call me if
you have any other questions or if you want more information.  I
have included a rather lengthy questionnaire which serves two
purposes.  It will give me an idea of your family situation, the
environment and facility where the puppy will live and your goals
and hopes for the puppy.  It gives you an opportunity to gather as
a family to decide what you want from your puppy and how you
will go about achieving those goals.

Every breeding is the culmination of many years planning and I
have great hopes for every litter.  The pups should be of superior
conformation, sound disposition and as free from genetic
problems as possible,  given our ability to manipulate genetics.  
My breeding dogs will be x-rayed for hip dysplasia and be rated
clear by the Orthapedic Foundation of America.  They will be
tested clear for Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Juvenile Cardio
Myopathy and Storage disease by the genetic testing that is now
available to us.  They will also have a recent “Cerf” test to
examine their eye health.  They will be of sound and correct
disposition and have been evaluated in the show ring for correct

My goal for my puppies is to place them into homes where they
are nurtured, protected, and loved.  I want them to be well trained
and to be good citizens.  Should their owners wish to show them
in Conformation or Obedience, Agility, Fly ball, Tracking or any of
the other dog sports I would be delighted, but that is not my first
priority.  Unless special arrangements are made, all the
Samador pups are sold on non-breeding contracts.  This means
that you will have them spayed or neutered at an appropriate age
unless you are showing in Conformation.  I follow my puppies for
life so you will have a new unofficial member of your family - me!  
While I do not interfere in any way with your enjoyment of the
puppy, I do want to keep in touch and frequently hear how you are
doing.  I will always be available for information, support and

I also require my owners to agree that the puppy will be returned
to me if, for any reason, it cannot be kept.  This is a traumatic
experience for the pup and I ask potential owners to think very
carefully before making the commitment to include a Portuguese
Water Dog  in their family.

The next step is for you complete the Puppy Placement
Questionnaire  Your completed questionnaire indicates to me
you are serious about having a puppy and understand what is
involved.  I will keep you informed of the progress in  breeding
and whelping and when the pups are several weeks old, stable
and healthy, I will accept a 50% deposit to hold a puppy for you.  
The puppies cost $2000.00.

Please save the questionnaire to one of your active files and then
attach it to your return mail to me at

Please come and visit - you are most welcome.
photo by Jerry Shulman